RSS to Push Notifications

Engage a larger audience, meticulously and easily

Automate instant Push Notification for every new RSS feed item.

Generate more traffic and increase the reach of your contents

With cmercury’s RSS-to-Push notification feature, publishers, bloggers, and content creators can communicate to a larger audience methodically and easily. Every time you update your website or blog, simply add an RSS Feed URL to your cmercury account to send automated Web Push Notifications to the desktop or Android browsers. You can focus on building your content while we will take care of maximising its reach and engagement.

Ease of Subscription

With a single opt-in from your visitors, start sending web push notifications immediately.

Increase traffic

Link your Push Notifications to your RSS feed. The notifications are delivered to your subscribers’ browsers and land on the updated pages. It will keep bringing subscribers to your site.

Better than Email Subscription

Connect your RSS reader to automated web push Notifications and deliver it to subscribers right on their devices.


cmercury is fully automated and will take care of the web push notifications. All you need to do is write.

01 Built specifically for bloggers, publishers, and content creators

The best way to ensure that your subscribers get real-time notifications for the latest blogs and news you publish. Works as a powerful customer retention and re-engagement tool.

02 Creates multi-fold customer engagement & website visits

Real-time content serving ensures increased page views, additional traffic and more revenue.

03 Seamless Integration

Get in-depth reports of customer engagement, campaigns, and website activities with visual depictions. With our powerful Customer Engagement Report (CER), easily generate user behaviour reports across categories, product groups, new customer additions, conversions and more.
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