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Sales Leader
(Asian Markets)

Location : Singapore | Jerusalem | Dubai | Mumbai | Tokyo | Shanghai

Am I In?

Are you someone who is Tech Savvy who can understand the value of SaaS Products. If yes, here comes a golden opportunity to be part of the success story of cmercury, the award winning AI powered ESP & omnichannel customer engagement platform

Check if you qualify!

    • I am comfortable with both using and discussing technology.
    • I know how my offering fits in with and complements other technology in a business’ software stack.
    • I pay attention to the general technology trends and development.
    • I can easily present the value of my product and fully understand how it can revolutionize companies from within.
    • I will be able to easily prove the high ROI of my product and convince prospects that they will lose out on a huge opportunity if they do not make use of cmercury ……and this is true
    • I can naturally, analyse and understand the ideal buyer persona
    • I believe I am selling an outcome to your clients instead of just selling them the tools to get to the outcome themselves.
    • I am good at maintaining close customer relationships over the long term and act as a champion for cmercury
    • I am good at data analytics and can share my experience how data analytics has helped me to sell SaaS solutions in my yesteryears
    • I can share my own story around Deal velocity, lead gen, deal size, tools and tricks to take cmercury to the pole position in the Asian Markets.
    • I believe I succeed only if I can measure total win conversion and conversion by stage
    • I am experienced in developing partner networks, business development across major Asian Markets.
    • If you consider yourself an YES to ALL the above points, we would be happy to hear from you

The Deal

The Sales Leader portfolio to be groomed to the role of Global CSO within a span of 24 to 36 months
Remuneration and recognition which will make you happy
Opportunity to be part of a success story, yes we do have a clear exit strategy, Period!

Connect with our CEO for a chat!  or Just walk in to cmercury HQ@God’s own Country, Kerala, India.

has five obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.
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