Segmentation in Web push

Segmentation in Web push

What is Segmentation in Web push?

When we target a web push notification to all subscribers, it may include users not interested in the content we pitch. In this scenario, it may not be possible to target a specific audience. It’s here that segmentation in Web Push Notification can be applied.   

How to do segmentation in cmercury Browser push Notification

01 step

Select the option “Seg- Push” under Push Module in cMercury dashboard

02 step

Click on “new” for creating new segments

Segmentation can be done based on the following conditions:

01 step

Users who joined the subscriber list before/after a particular date

02 step

Joined in last ”N” no. of days

03 step

Joined on a particular date

04 step

Based on subscribers’ current status (subscribed/unsubscribed)

05 step

Based on subscribers, delivered & clicked, activity from
various devices(mobile, desktop etc.), browser(Chrome, Safari etc),OS(Windows, Mac etc.),geo-location(Delhi, Mumbai etc.)

06 step

Based on subscribers, delivered & clicked during a particular date range

07 step

Choose the list in which email-ids and web push subscriber-ids are synced