SMS Marketing Guide

SMS Marketing Guide

What is cmercury SMS Engine ?

cmercury SMS engine helps to you engage the users by sending out personalized SMS campaigns to your subscribers and tracking their engagements as well. The global reach ensures that the SMS is delivered to anywhere in the world.

Setting Up your cmercury SMS account

For Global SMS

To send out Global SMS from your account, you need to create an account and share the following details with your account manager.

• Website
• Sender ID
• Sample Message which will be sent using the sender ID
• Opt-in Details of the customers (How customer details are collected: the method can be Digital Signup Form, Paper Form, Long Code or Missed Call No., Short Code)

Once the details are shared, the credits will be added to your account within 48 hours of verification of the details shared.

For sending SMS within India

As part of the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCPR) by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), it is now mandatory for all entities to register in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. Click here to get a detailed guide on DLT registration process.

If you have registered share the following details to your account manager to setup your sms account

• Entity ID
• Registered Header (Sender ID) details
• Consent and Content templates details

Once the details are shared, the credits will be added to your account within 48 hours of verification of the details shared.

Important note: In case a DND complaint is raised by a subscriber, the opt-in details of the customer along with the last interaction date of the recipient with the website has to be submitted. Failure to do so can result in penalties starting from 25K and blocking of your account & sender id.

Adding SMS Contacts

To add the SMS contacts (without Email address) click on “Add New List” under “Manage lists” tab in the List. Fill the form fields and enable the attributes you are uploading with the SMS contact on the set attribute page.

You can create new custom attributes by clicking on the “Add New” button in the Set Attribute page. Once the attributes are set, click on the “Create List” button to complete the list creation process.

While uploading the SMS if the attributes are not created or enabled in the account, the system automatically detects the other attribute header and creates it in your account.

You can also use a mailing list in which you have uploaded mobile numbers along with the email address for sending out SMS campaigns.

Sending SMS

Once you have added the users to the list, click on the SMS tab on the left navigation panel.

In the SMS page click on “New” to create a new SMS campaign. Fill in the form fields and click on the “Save” button to save the message. “Quick Test” helps to test the SMS by sending it to a mobile number and to check whether it looks alright in an inbox. Once the campaign is set up, you can schedule the campaign or sent it immediately using the “Send” button.

List Type

Choose the type of list you have created, SMS List or Mailing List

Message Title

Name for the campaign to identify it


Choose the list to which the campaign has to be sent out from the drop-down menu


Choose the segment which is created in the selected list.

Attribute with Phone Number

Applicable while selecting List type as a Mailing list. Select the attribute header under which the phone numbers were given in the list uploaded.

Regional Language

Enable to send SMS in your regional language. Note that the SMS character limit changes to 70 while in regional language.


Enabling this to send the campaign to the DND users from the previous campaigns as well. DND users are removed from the SMS list automatically while sending out campaigns.


Toggle the button to select between the type of campaign, ie Promotional or transactional.

Sender ID

Applicable only for transactional SMS. Select the sender id you would like to use while sending out transactional SMS campaign.


Personalise your SMS campaign by adding attributes uploaded along with your mobile number while uploading the database.

Send Later

Enable this to schedule the campaign for a later date.

Send Counter

Helps you to send the campaign only the to the users between the from and to the value of the counter. If we give from and to value of the counter as 5 & 10 respectively, the campaign will send to the users between 5 & 10 places.

SMS Reports

Once you have sent the SMS campaigns cMercury panel helps you to get the stats for the campaigns. You get the no of users for the SMS were delivered, not delivered and no of DND numbers (for promotional SMS). You also see the no of users who have clicked on the link in the SMS. (make sure you have enabled the link tracking feature by getting in touch with the support team or your Account manager.)

To download the individual wise campaign delivery status by clicking on the “Download Report” button under the statistics panel on the right side on the panel.

You can click on the “Aggregate Report” to download the user wise delivery status of the campaigns sent between a particular date range. If you click on the details report you to get the detailed error split of the non-delivered numbers for the selected campaign.

If you click on the details report you to get the detailed error split of the non-delivered numbers along with error description for the selected campaign.

You can also get a graphical view of the statistics for the individual campaign by clicking on the “Graph View”

SMS Segments

Once you have sent the SMS campaigns cMercury panel helps you to segment the users based on their SMS behavior as well.

To create segment click on the “New” option in Segments Tab under List.

Fill in all of the fields on the page and then click “Save”.


App related segmentation option comes under the icons highlighted below:

List: Select the list from the drop-down menu

Segment: Name given to the segment for identifying the segment

Segment the users based on status of the user when the selected messages were sent to the users. We can also base on the campaigns sent and their actions in the SMS received by them in the inbox.