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Success Story : Global Delight

Ecommerce Email Automation Case Study With Global Delight

Read the email marketing automation case study of Global Delight and how it engaged and converted their Boom 3D Free trial installations into paid subscribers using cmercury. 

Automated new user signups, welcome and engagement series

Reduced manual intervention

Easier campaign management and tracking

Global Delight

Global Delight is a leading software company which develops cross-platform audio, video, and photography applications. Established in 2007, its products are used by over 30 million customers globally.

Success Story-Global Delight


Global Delight wanted to automate the prospect engagement workflow for Boom 3D, an innovative sound booster and equalizer mobile and desktop application. Since the plan had multiple levels based on the customer engagements and actions, manual execution of these campaigns turned out to be less effective and time-consuming.
They had 2 major goals when they chose to use cmercury:
Automate the user engagement process for newly registered app users.
Support targeted promotions for these users and convert them into paid subscribers.


Based on the customer engagement metrics of their previous campaigns along with the user behavioural patterns and demographics, the GD team suggested a structured email workflow for engaging the new registrants. The content was designed to convert free trial installations to paid subscribers. They also wanted to make sure that rather than flooding the new users with continuous communications, target them based on their engagements on emails at a fixed interval schedule.


THE PROCESSThe team at cmercury proposed a streamlined support solution and built a detailed project plan that delivered maximum customer engagement and conversion. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Collecting user data using cmercury email API and integration
    The process initially involved fetching the user data using cmercury Email API when users sign up for a free trial of the app. The fetched data is then auto-fed to the mailing list and trigger series were initiated.
  1. Automating email series using cmercury TCM (Triggered Conditional Messaging)
    With its proven capabilities to automate customer journeys based on user engagement, cmercury TCM was deployed for the implementation of the above use case. Using TCM, users were also able to set up messages to be triggered using other communication channels.

The system checks the user demographics like the OS (operating system) details of the user, and the corresponding trigger series that was initiated. Here are the detailed steps on how cmercury executed the triggered email workflow using TCM.

  • The initial welcome email with an introduction to the product features. This email acts as the first step to building a brand impression along with an excellent opportunity to make a sale.
  • The second email is triggered after a few hours. The objective is to establish a deeper relationship with the prospect. The enticer (63% off on purchase) is included in this campaign.
  • From day 2, the email sequence is resumed depending on whether it is a new registrant purchase or not. The purchase information is auto fed into the trigger sequence, and the series is stopped if the user purchases the paid plan.
  • The third email sequence will be sent if the user has not purchased after 10 days of signing up.
  • A reengagement email will be sent if the user has not purchased after 15 days of signing up.
  • To retarget non purchased users an email will be sent after 20 days of signing up.


  • Automated new user signups, welcome and engagement series
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Easier campaign management and tracking


Success Story-Global Delight

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