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What is Web Analytics?

With cmercury powerful web analytics, you’re not limited to tracking the open & click rates of campaigns, but can analyse website activities and optimize the conversion rate to multi-folds. Our robust web analytics dashboard provides detailed insights of your customers’ views, clicks, sessions, behaviour, conversions and revenue not only for a particular time period but for the custom date range as well.

01 Performances comparison

Compare your important web metrics in the dashboard itself without even depending on any other third party tool. Monitor which all campaigns are performing well and poorly. Our rich dashboard helps you optimize and monetize your data most effectively assuring higher revenue.

02 Custom segmentation

Enable highly intuitive, data driven and personalized campaigns with custom segments based on customers’ profiles, history and transactional behaviour. You can conveniently create segments using easy-to-use drag & drop GUI.

03 State-of-the-art report

Get in-depth report of customer engagement, campaigns, and website activities with visual representations. With our powerful Customer Engagement Report (CER), you can easily generate individual user behaviour report across categories, product groups, new customer additions, conversions and more.

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