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01 Browser Push Notifications

Engage customers even when they are out of your website.

Maximise customer engagement through browser push notifications, enjoy a higher conversion rate. Target your subscriber’s browsers, OSs, mobiles, tablets, and desktops with web push notifications. Our team can implement Chrome push notifications, Mozilla Firefox push notifications and Safari push notifications according to your requirement.

02 Predictive Browser Recommendations

Cutting- edge personalised product recommendation engine.

Our personalised product recommendation engine assists you to automatically trigger personalised recommendation emails, browser web push notifications and mobile push notifications. These could be in the form of Cart Abandonment Reminder, Affinity Recommendation, and Popular Product Recommendation in an email and notification to ensure higher web hits and conversion rate.

03 Rss to Push Notifications

Giving your web content an edge! Powerful customer retention and re-engagement tool.

Never let your subscribers miss a single blog post or video. This maximizes your chances that visitors stay connected to your content which helps you generate more traffic and revenue.

04 Web Analytics

Monetize your data more efficiently. Web analytics provides deep insights used for Advanced Recommendation, Custom Web Pushes, Advanced Triggers, Conditional Messaging, Dynamic Mailers and even more.

With cMercury’s powerful web analytics, you're not limited to tracking the open & click rates of campaigns, but can analyse website activities and optimize the conversion rate multi-fold. Our robust web analytics dashboard provides detailed insights of your customer views, clicks, sessions, behaviour, conversions and revenue not only for a particular time period but also for a custom date range.

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