Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Web Push Notifications Now!

March 18, 2021

Are you a website owner who is trying to mint gold from your website? The success of your website depends on whether the visitors are converted to leads and ultimately sales. There is only one criterion that decides the success of your web-based business – your visitors should take the expected action, be it content consumption, purchase or brand recall.

As you drive customers and prospects into your website, you need to ensure they are engaged with the right content or products so that they don’t leave without taking the intended action. Even though it seems simple, achieving it is quite a daunting task. There are dozens of marketing strategies that can be used to engage your website visitors. One of the top approaches is to trigger the customer journey with content that best fits their tastes or interests. This is where web push plays its role by triggering relevant content right from the browser! 

Website businesses thrive not only on fresh customer visits but on returning visitors too to a greater extent. Web Push Notifications are one of the most powerful and affordable tools to increase your website revisits to specific pages you prefer. Also known as browser push or browser notifications, they are clickable browser-based notifications delivered to a subscriber, whether they are on the website or not. Web push notifications are 100 % opt-in and are strictly served to the users who have subscribed to receive them.

If you are a marketer currently witnessing visitors leaving your website without taking the intended action, then this blog is for you!


Here are the top 7 reasons why you should implement web push notifications right away! 

1. Build Extended Relationships with Visitors

Do your customers and prospects simply ignore your emails, SMS and telecalls frequently? It won’t happen again! By utilizing the power of Web Push Notifications, you can send personalized messages to your target audience when they are active on their browsers.

As people visit multiple websites daily, there is a greater chance they will forget your website in the clutter. While one visits your website for the first time, it’s crucial to never miss the opportunity to request them to subscribe to web push notifications. Once subscribed, relevant and engaging web push notifications can drive the subscribers back to your website and strengthens their relationship with your brand.

2. Boosts Conversion Rates

Research shows that browser-based web push notifications have a significant impact on consumer purchase decisions. Sending relevant and timely web push notifications will quickly grab eyeballs, keeping them connected with your brand that leads to more website visits and conversions.

3. Increases Engagement Opportunities

According to customer engagement statistics, 2020, timely and relevant web push notifications can fetch 56% additional customer response with a 7 times increase in click-through rates.

4. Quick & Easy To Setup & Send

Do you know that web push notifications are easy to set up and send? Incorporating high quality and enticing web push notifications needs minimal effort from your side. It also saves a significant amount of time on your content calendar!

5. Tempt To Make Quick Decision

Do you know a mobile user on an average check his or her mobile 200 or more times a day? They might peep through the mobile web notifications as soon as it arrives and takes the required action at the spot. If you are a marketer, this is something you should leverage without fail!

6. You Need Not Be A Tech Guru

Many of you might be pondering about the complexities of using software for scheduling browser notifications. No need to worry! With the power of sophisticated web notification deployment platforms like cmercury, you can manage your campaign designs & deployments at ease!

7. Pull Visitors With Enticing Deals & Offers

In their busy schedules, customers may miss the offers and discounts you published and there is a greater chance they may ignore your ‘push promotions’ via email, SMS or mobile notifications. With web push notifications coming to play, it makes sure to grab the attention of the customers as they browse through, with the help of an attractive and creative piece of content that tempts them to act quickly.

Wrapping Up

A visitor who leaves your website without any action is a huge loss. It’s similar to an airline taking off with vacant seats. Now target your subscriber’s browsers, mobiles, tablets, and desktops with the rich capabilities of web push. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching visitors returning to your website with the power of cmercury’s sophisticated web push notifications. Finally, you will be able to witness a higher conversion rate than before and end up mining real gold from your website!


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