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How Facebook remarketing works to convert email subscribers?

December 15, 2016

Customer interaction has always been a spinal process in customer acquisition program. Enterprises try to keep in touch with their customers or potential leads in a way or through all possible manners. Being an irreplaceable Email service partner at first place, cMercury has been assisting hundreds of tier 1 B2C giants to pushing billions of emails to their subscribers.

And we always help our clients to ensure higher conversion with best practices that are associated with email marketing. Facebook Remarketing is one such a practice that helps convert subscribers into customers.

What is cmercury Facebook Remarketing?
Beyond the limited and pre-set Facebook Remarketing features, cmercury has developed a tool that works like a bridge between email platform and Facebook synchronising email subscribers’ data over a particular (as per client’s convenience) period of time.

Shedding more insights
To be precise and coming to the layman’s language, Facebook allows you to remarket on their platform – advert, with the inbuilt filters, and also, one can customize the target audience on advert. Here we are going to explore the custom audience filter in which we can upload the email database. Either you can use your whole email database and match the audience who are available on Facebook or use the database employed in the email campaign to target openers, non-openers, and clickers segment-wise for a higher conversion rate.

How it works?
What happens with cMercury’s Facebook Remarketing capability is it automatically synchronises database on cMercury’s email platform with Facebook. Let’s go segment by segment and make it even simpler.


Email Non-openers
If Customer A is in the segment non-openers, he/she will see the ad set for non-openers when he/she comes on Facebook.


Email Openers
If the same Customer A opens the email, he/she will automatically be pooled into the openers segment and will see the ad set for openers, and will no longer get the ad for non-openers.


Email Clickers
Likewise, clickers are the other segment you can create to target the subscribers who open and click the email. If Customer A opens the email and clicks on the creative, he/she will be targeted with the ad set for clickers.


All you have to do is just get the initial set-up done on cMercury.

Looking to proactively improve your conversion rate? Make the most with cMercury Facebook Remarketing. Get started now!

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