Simple yet effective Email Marketing Automation workflows

June 9, 2017
email marketing automation workflows

Every marketing sector is evolving. People are looking into more effective methods to engage the users. Similarly Email marketing is also evolving, even if the bulk push of email is there, marketers are still looking for more solutions that can target the users based on certain triggered conditions.

Email marketing automation can be simply defined as one time setup of a system which sends automated emails to the user when they meet a certain trigger like doing a purchase or birthday or anniversary mailer etc. Some of the simple automations are welcome emails, account verification email, order confirmation emails, etc. Some of the basic automated emails which can be integrated easily are given below:

Welcome Email:
Whenever a user registers on your website, sending them an automated well-structured email will not only help to increase the customer experience but also to increase the sales as well.

Birthday Email:
If you are collecting the birthdate of the users while signup, it can be used for a wonderful birthday email. It can be very effective if a birthday offer is also included in the email which urges the customer to make the purchase.

Anniversary Email:
Another type of simple mailer is the purchase anniversary or the registration anniversary mailer, which helps entice the customer easily.

Appointment Reminders:
Mailers can be sent to users to remind them about the appointment they have made earlier.

Subscription Expiry:
Mailers for informing that there subscription is about to expire.

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Things to be noted while designing the mailers:

  1. Enticing Subject lines
  2. Attractive call to action buttons
  3. Offers for the users
  4. Monitoring the performance and making the necessary changes in mailers

Automated promotional mailers always have very good engagement rates and it can help in increasing the user experiences as well. Importantly, it helps your business drive revenue without any manual intervention. All you need to do is a one-time set-up.

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